About Precious Pet

Precious Pet is owned and run by Kish Tailor, a lifelong animal lover who has rescued feral cats and is a animal welfare activists. In Precious Pet, his goal has always been to give the best possible care to the pets of East London in a way that is convenient and reliable for their busy owners.

You have demonstrated your love for your pet by taking their care seriously, partnering with Precious Pet ensures your pets are well looked after and that their welfare is secured. Just as people are selective about the care they choose for their children, or hiring a professional cleaning service for their home, we take to heart the fact that you have taken the time to carefully select the right, professional pet care service for your loved ones.

Your pets are awesome...and we'd like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to them!

Why choose Precious Pet?

Entrusting a person to enter your home and care for one of your most prized possessions (your pet) is a sensitive task, and a responsibility that we understand, appreciate and take very seriously. Our mission is to focus on our clients' pets by making them our priority, and to provide peace of mind to our two legged clients.

At Precious Pet we take to heart the difficulty that you may experience when deciding which pet service would be most attentive and responsible to your pet's safety and needs, respectful of your home and its contents and reasonably priced.

Who Uses Our Service

People from all walks of life use pet sitters and dog walkers! Busy professionals, stay at home moms, small business owners, holidayers, business travelers, people with health concerns and those recovering from illness or injury, new parents and senior citizens.

The one thing our clients have in common is an uncompromising devotion to their pets and an insistence on the best possible care for them. Most of our clients have found us through word of mouth and through referral from other clients.