Dog Walking

Our dog walking service is geared toward discerning East End dog owners who seek the reliability and security of a legally registered business but who aren't prepared to compromise on the quality of personal care and level of attention their dog receives.

Our dog walkers are all experienced professionals who have come to us with prior dog experience. We have very high standards of safety and conduct, and we recognize that a good walking service is one that stops you worrying about your dog while you're at work.

We want your East End dog to be safe and happy!

Precious Pet is fully insured and CRB checked for your protection. We are also a member of the National Association of Registered Petsitters, an organization devoted to maintaining high standards in the pet care industry.

Our Dog Walking Rates

Walks 1 walk 12 walks/month 16 walks/month 20 walks/month
Relief £8 £92 £118 £144
30 Min Walk £10 £114 £148 £180
45 Min Walk £12 £137 £173 £216
1 Hr Walk £14 £160 £217 £252

For additional dogs, add 50%.

Please add £14 for Bank Holidays and £20 for Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dog Walking Service

"How many dogs do you walk together at one time?"

Our dog walkers do not walk dogs in large packs like others do. This style of dog walking is both illegal in London and unsafe. We will sometimes, however, walk three dogs together if they're a suitable match. Most dogs benefit immensely from this social aspect to their daily walks and we have created many inseparable canine friendships like this. Also, puppies develop street smarts much faster when they're paired with an older dog they can learn from.

"Will my dog be walked by the same dog walker every day?"

Yes. We do not switch walkers from day to day, although a substitution may be made with your full approval in rare cases of emergency or illness. Under no circumstances will anyone have access to your apartment without your permission.

"Can I meet the walker beforehand?"

Absolutely and this is something we strongly encourage. We want you to be 100% happy about the walker who's taking your dog out every day. It's also a good idea to have your dog meet the walker in your presence before they come into your home without you there.

"Can you accommodate my sporadic dog walking needs?"

We cannot guarantee availability of sporadic walks during our peak weekday service hours (11am-3pm), but we can often schedule them outside of these hours. We evaluate sporadic requirements on a case by case basis, so by all means contact us and we'll see what we can do!

"Do we have to give you a set of keys to our apartment?"

Yes, unless you live in a concierge building and we can collect a key daily from the front desk. But don't worry - we keep all keys in a locked security box and under no circumstances will we ever label your key with your address.

"Is feeding included in the price of the walk?"

Feeding is included in the price and available on request. We will also give your dog fresh water before we leave.

"Are you available for evening, weekend or Bank Holiday walks?"

Yes, although we recommend booking evening and weekend walks at least 24 hours in advance. Holidays are a very busy time for us and we recommend booking at least a week in advance. All walks before 9am, after 6pm, on weekends and certain Bank Holidays carry a £14 surcharge. Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day carry a £20 surcharge.

"Can you help us reinforce our dog's training?"

Sure! If you're working with a trainer then be sure to let us know what commands and exercises you're working on so that your dog walker can practice them with your dog during the walk.

"How is billing & payment handled?"

Invoices are sent before we begin services primarily via email. We can mail a hardcopy to your home if you prefer, please contact the office to set that up. All services are billed before we begin; Monthly scheduled dog walks are billed at the start of each month and should be paid upon receipt.