Puppy Sitting Visits

If you've just gotten a puppy then we'd love to help out! Until they're old enough to be walked outside, puppies need a lot of in-home care.

They need to eat more frequently than older dogs, they need plenty of physical interaction and they need someone to clean up after them.

Precious Pet offers an affordable private puppy visiting service for East London puppies with busy owners. We can stop by and tend to their every need while you're at work. The first few months of a puppy's life shape their personality and temperament for life, so it's important that the interactions they experience are as affectionate and as loving as possible. Precious Pet is bursting at the seams with puppy love...get yours today!

Our Puppy Sitting Rates

Visits Per Week 5 Or More 2 Or More 1
30 Min Visit £8 £9 £11
45 Min Visit £10 £12 £14
1 Hr Visit £12 £15 £18

Please add £6 for Bank Holidays and £10 for Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Puppy Sitting Service

What's involved in a puppy sitting visit?

In a typical visit, our puppy sitter will perform any essential puppy maintenance that is required - such as feeding, watering, administration of drugs, medicine or ear drops, as well as cleaning up any mess that your puppy may have made. The remainder of the visit is spent playing with and cuddling your puppy. Our goal is to leave them happy, content, tired and clean!

How many visits per day does my puppy need?

It depends on the dog and the hours that you work. Our clients who work a typical nine-to-five day will typically request two visits (mid-morning and late afternoon), although depending on the puppy one daily lunchtime visit may suffice. If you work longer hours then this, we definitely recommend two or more visits per day. Remember that time passes a lot more slowly for dogs than it does for humans, even more so for puppies.

Can you bathe my puppy?

We do not offer a full grooming service, but if you've ordered longer visits of 45 minutes or 1 hour and you'd like us to give your puppy a quick bath as part of the visit, we can do so for a small extra charge.

What if my puppy has made a mess when you arrive?

Don't worry - cleaning up after puppies is all part of the service we offer. Just be sure to leave out adequate cleaning supplies for us. We strongly recommend an ample supply of paper towels and some kind of disinfectant or antibacterial spray. Puppy grooming wipes also come in handy.

When can my puppy go outside?

You should wait until your puppy has completed their second set of shots before you take them on full length walks and allow them to socialize with other dogs. However, some vets will tell you that it's OK to take them outside for short exploratory trips before then - as long as you don't allow them anywhere near other dogs, don't allow them to sniff where other dogs have been and don't allow them to drink from puddles in the street. As soon as your dog has completed their shots, however, it's important to get them outside and socialize them with other dogs as soon as possible.

Crating Your Puppy

Cute puppy

Don't feel bad about crating your puppy while you're at work - puppy crating serves a useful purpose.

When they're very small, puppies can feel overwhelmed when left alone in a large space. This can make them feel separation anxiety more acutely. Keeping them in a small crate with a blanket over the top helps them to feel more secure and recreates a womb-like experience. It's also a great way to encourage housebreaking, since your puppy will be less inclined to soil their own sleeping space.

Crating your puppy also protects them from danger in your home - electrical wires and choking hazards, for instance.