Pet Sitting

Whether you travel a lot for work or you take a couple of holidays every year, it's nice to know that you have a pet sitter you can rely on to look after your little guys while you're not there.

A Precious Pet home visit can provide your pets with a daily or twice daily feeding and fuss that will enable them to stay in the comfort of their own home without having to rely on friends and neighbours.

We can look after dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla, tortoises, caged birds, fish, mice, hamsters and gerbils.

We'll do our best to make sure your trip is as stress free as possible for them. Unlimited belly-rubs, ear-scritches and cuddles are included in the price!

Our Pet Sitting Rates

Visits Per Day 3 2 1
Feeding Visits From £40 From £28 From £15
Additional Pet £10 (For three or more pets.)
Overnight Stay £90 (Price includes 1 dog walk. Additional Walks charged at regular rate.)

Please add £15 for Bank Holidays and £20 for Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day..

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pet Sitting Service

"What's included in a feeding visit?"

Anything you want us to do within the allotted time. For a cat, this can include feeding, watering, brushing and litter tray scooping. There's always time for plenty of play and affection too! We can also water your plants, empty your mailbox and bring in your newspapers.

"Will I get the same pet sitter each time I travel?"

We prefer to have the continuity of the same pet sitter with the same pets and will do everything we can to make that happen for future sits. If your primary pet sitter is not available then a substitute pet sitter will be available. We always want you to know who is entering your home & caring for your pets! Therefore if you require a new pet sitter, another complimentary meeting will be scheduled before any services are provided.

"When should I give a key to my pet sitter?"

Most clients give a key to the pet sitter at the initial interview. If you are not able to do so at the time of the interview services may be scheduled shortly before you departure (at this visit the care plan can be discussed again, your pet sitter can get reacquainted with your pets; regular rates apply to this visit). We prefer to keep your key on file for future care needs. We will not leave the key inside the home in case you become delayed & we need to get back in for added visits. Key return may be discussed with your pet sitter directly and arranged at their convenience.

"Can you administer medication to my animals while I am away?"

Yes. As long as your animals do not pose a threat to the sitter, we are happy to administer medication to your pet. Insulin injections will be subjected to an additional £3 fee.

"How is billing & payment handled?"

Invoices are sent before we begin services primarily via email. We can mail a hardcopy to your home if you prefer, please contact the office to set that up. All services are billed before we begin. Pet holiday visits and overnight sitting reservations are billed before your services begin & all fees must be paid before departure.

"What is your cancellation policy on sits?"

Non-holiday reservations: Please give us 24 hr in advance to cancel & no charges will be applied. Less than 24 hr notice to cancel; all charges apply.
Holidays: We have a 7-day cancellation policy for overnight pet sitting and private boarding. Please call us 7 days before your departure if you need to cancel in order to get a full refund. Cancellations made less than 7 days before your departure date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 3 days before your departure date are subject to a 100% cancellation fee unless we are able to fill the spot that you had previously booked with your sitter.

"What's involved for an overnight stay?"

While you're away, our pet sitter will stay in your apartment. This means they'll be with your pet(s) for most of the evening and they'll stay overnight with them. For dogs, the pet sitter will stop by during the day to walk them as usual. We adhere to their regular routine as much as possible to minimize the stress of you being away.

"Do we have to let the overnight pet sitter sleep in our bed?"

Only if you're comfortable with that. If you'd prefer they slept on the sofa, that's perfectly alright. Many sitters prefer to sleep on the sofa anyway.

"Do we have to leave food and drink for the sitter?"

Not at all, although some of our clients do. It's completely up to you. For the most part, our pet sitters bring their own food with them.

"How will we know our pets are OK while we're away?"

Feel free to call, email or text us as often as you'd like to find out how they are doing! It's perfectly natural to worry about your little guys when you're away from them, and we'd like you to feel as comfortable as possible during your trip.