Gallery Of Precious Pet's Buddies

Here we present, in great honor, some of Precious Pet's many cherished friends from the past and present! Click photos to enlarge.

Tips For Pet Photography


Get Down To Their Level

Photographing an animal from their height, instead of looking down upon them, makes the difference between a mediocre pet photo and a great pet photo.

Use Natural Light

You'll get the best results if you use natural light, as harsh shadows and unnatural casts won't be thrown over your pet. Take your photos in a room with big windows and lots of natural light if you can't take them outdoors.

Fill The Frame

The most gorgeous pet portraits are all about the subject. Fill the frame with your pet's head to really capture expressions and fine details such as fur. Try to avoid distracting backgrounds that will take the focus away from your pet too.

Be Patient!

It's no good assuming you'll get a perfect photo first time, you have to be patient with animals... No matter how obedient they are, animals by their nature are curious and unpredictable. Give yourself time to capture a variety of different poses and for them to get used to the camera.

Let Them Play

Animals are naturally inquisitive creatures and will probably wonder what you are doing with your camera. Let them investigate the camera (within reason, obviously) so they will get used to it and behave naturally.

It's All In The Detail

Don't ignore the smaller details, such as your pet's paws, their ears or even their favourite toy. You can use these close ups as part of a photographic montage, or in a photo album to add character.